Serving the community since 1900

Our history in the United States began in 1881 when Ben B. Ganther arrived in Oshkosh, Wisconsin after training as a mason in Bavaria and Switzerland. His attention to detail and craftsmanship can still be seen throughout Wisconsin. In 1900, the Ben B. Ganther Construction Company was formed, and by 1913 the company grew into one of the largest masonry contractors in the area.

In 1923, Alfred R. Ganther, Sr., Ben B. Ganther’s son and a mechanical engineer, joined his father and worked until his death in 1976. Alfred R. Ganther’s son, Alfred R. Ganther, Jr. (Fritz), joined the company in 1961 and headed the company until retiring in 1992.

Among his many career achievements, Fritz served on the interior architectural team of the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology in Washington, D.C. The last exhibit he designed, "First Ladies of the Smithsonian," stood for 50 years and was just recently replaced on November 19, 2011.

Changing the future of design and construction

Fritz’s son, Ben Ganther, joined the company in 1980 as a carpenter, and is currently president and CEO. With all his years working in the family business, Ben recognized that the company needed to adapt to the changing demands of our customers. Going against the status quo, he created a lean, specialized and collaborative architectural and construction management firm with a proven process to deliver consistent high-quality results.

Today, we serve many outstanding corporations and non-profits throughout northeast Wisconsin, the Midwest and United States within a multitude of industries and market segments. Beyond design and construction, we also assist clients with master planning, building performance studies, funding, real estate, marketing and business planning.

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