You Got It – It’s our mantra and what makes Ganther unique

With technology advancing at the speed of light, traditional general contractor and design-build business models are obsolete. It is simply impossible today for these large-overhead, “generalist” firms to offer the latest technology, training and efficiencies demanded by tomorrow’s clients.

By comparison, Ganther is a next-generation, integrated architectural and construction management firm. We are lean, specialized, technological and nimble without the distractions of other firms that spend your dollars on their equipment and labor overhead, and outdated methods that benefit them more than they benefit you. By comparison, we are completely focused on satisfying you and your project goals. “You got it” is a constant reminder that we are in business to serve you the best we can.

We’ve taken the stress out of the process.

Ganther clients are progressive business owners, operators and developers looking for the best value they can get and a stress-free process. Our architectural team follows a proven planning process nicknamed “D.A.V.I.D.” that ensures your design is imaginative, meets your needs and is cost-effective to build and maintain. Our “Life of a Ganther Project” process was created to ensure that no matter which Ganther team is assigned to your project, the proper steps are followed to ensure quality results without cost overruns, missed schedules or miscommunication.

How we can offer the best quality and the lowest prices.

Unlike general contractors and design-builders that self-perform their trade work without market competition, all Ganther construction is competitively bid using the free-market system. This lets us provide you with the best prices from the best trade contractors – contractors that specialize in their craft using the latest techniques and equipment.