Memory Care Community  | Jerusalem, Israel

Located on the Southside of Jerusalem on the campus of the Sara Herzog Hospital, this hillside memory care facility will house up to 100 residents. At nearly 100,000 square feet, the four story concrete structure is designed like all buildings in Jerusalem; except of course, Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Museum, with an all-white Jerusalem limestone exterior signifying life.  The building features large balconies at the end of each hallway overlooking a valley. Underground parking keeps staff and guest cars cool during the long hot summer days. The main entrance point is on top of the hill at the fourth floor which also houses a Synagogue, offices, main kitchen, therapy, spa and family areas. The building is modern and native Jerusalem in design. The latest in senior living programming will make this facility, based on the household model, a preferred destination for memory care in Israel for years to come.