Children’s Museum of Green Bay | Green Bay, WI

After the Port Plaza Mall in downtown Green Bay closed its doors in 2002, the former Children’s Museum removed a few of the exhibits to storage and started planning for a new interactive, hands-on, learning museum. Several sites were considered but the Children’s Museum Board of Directors decided that the best location to reach the most children and families was in downtown Green Bay and part of the Watermark redevelopment project located at the corner of Pine and Washington Street. Ganther was chosen as the construction manager for the core, shell and build out.

The theme chosen is called Our Town. Our Town is a kid’s size version of several Green Bay businesses and landmarks. Some of the museum’s most popular features include a climbing tree house, fire station, Green Bay Packer experience, diner, super-sized interactive touch screen, waterfront with lighthouse, shoe store, design/construction site, crafts area, and party room. There is a digestive system exhibit where children can climb into a giant mouth and learn how their body digests food and yes, eliminates waste!

Construction began in 2011 and the museum opened the doors to the public in summer of 2012. The footprint of the building is approximately 17,000 square feet.

“I’m humbled and honored to see that the newest addition to downtown demonstrates Green Bay’s commitment to children’s play and learning – in the city’s very heart.” – Toni Burnett, Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Green Bay

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